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The Vineyard & Distiller
The Vineyard & Distiller
The Vineyard & Distiller

Wold  (50cl / £32.99 )

Wold is the name of our wine range, carefully selected to compliment the range of World Cheese & Cured Meats we use throughout the group in all our businesses. With a strong nod to the Lincolnshire Wolds once again designer Sean Rodwell has captured the elegance and beauty of our local area. They don't taste to bad either

Manchester Unity Gin (50cl / £32.99 )

In 1868 the first lifeboat was launched off Brighton Slip, Cleethorpes and without ruining the story ( which you will find on the bottle ) we have created a gin in collaboration with Pin Gin in homage to this and the heroes that are the RNLI

20% of all sales go directly to Cleethorpes Lifeboat Station

Nostalgic Cocktails (500ml/2 Servings/Bottle)

What's better than a familiar taste, it takes you back to a place of happiness right? Well, this is were our team have come in. Taking on creating a familiar set of cocktails or non-alcoholic mocktails based around some quite well known brands

Cocktail Packs

Fancy yourself as the next Tom Cruise?

Everything you need is in here, even our Slipway Liquor Co. Recipe Cards.

Choose from Pornstar Martini, Copper Classics, Prosecco/Gin or even a Bloody Mary to sort you out the day after

Click the picture for all the details

Spirit Packages

Coming Soon

Slipway Craft Lager & IPA

Coming Soon

Before You Checkout

Are you buying as a gift? Check out the finishing touches page by clicking below for all the delivery news & wrapping options.

We deliver our ready-to-eat boxes covered in Folk greaseproof paper however, if this isn't for you or you'd like a little extra life span they we would be happy to vacuum pack the cuts of cheese and portions of meat.

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