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Alfred Box 1

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In your Alfred Box you will receive the following 4 meals:..

Alfred Box 1 costs you £45; that is just £5.63 per meal per person

Stuffed Peppers

Using SocialBox's Maple Beef Brisket as well as Folk's award winning Pesto Feta we have pre-prepared 2 Stuffed Peppers ready to bake at home for you to enjoy. With mixed vegetable couscous these peppers go straight in the oven along with our pre-marinated Chimichurri Sweet Potato Wedges before being served with a trio of dips and a side salad

Spaghetti Bolognese

You can make this yourself, you could buy a jar off the shelf, you probably have some pasta knocking around in the back of the cupboard; so why buy Alfred's.

10 different tomatoes, 3 different fresh herbs, 5 different dried spices and the finest beef mince from John Turners Butchers make up this ready to cook recipe kit. Turner Bros Ltd and Spill The Beans add great value to this kit with their fresh and quality ingredients.

The dish is served with our Ultimate Garlic Cob. A Tear & Share bespoke Cob ready for the oven and for you to indulge in.

Great Grimsby Fish Pie

The Tall Fish Guy, a local Grimsby based Fish Merchant takes stock of some of the finest fish around. Alfred Enderby ( no relation ) a famous smoke house supplies him their finest smoked haddock and smoked salmon, this towering gent adds his touch and other great produce before Alfred teaches you to make the pie. 

A mix of Sweet & Red Potatoes from Turner Bros Ltd create the mashed topping while Folk's Signature Three Cheese Mix & Secret Salted Crumb add texture and depth. Served with Alfred's pre-roasted veg add on.

Haddock Taco's

A soft & hard shell taco each as well as mixed fish chunks from IshFish prepped & ready to deep fry or bake in our lemon, parsley & garlic breadcrumb. Served with a pineapple salsa, chunky tartare chutney & avocado pea puree mix. 

Salt & Pepper Wedges finish off this dish nicely & Pickled Red Coleslaw

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