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Alfred Box 2

Coming Soon

In your Alfred Box you will receive the following 4 meals:

Alfred Box 2 costs you £50; that is just £6.25 per meal per person

Return Of The Mak

Our very own homemade Mak Sauce makes this a true doppelgänger of the real thing, only this time it is fresh, local and you build it yourself! Accompanied by pre-packed, freshly made Salt & Pepper Fries, Rainbow Coleslaw and Alfreds in-house Fruity Ketchup made from Grade 1 Fruit & Vegetables from Turner Bros Ltd.

Fish Chips & Peas

IshFish haddock fillets vac packed after being prepped in a lemon, parsley & garlic marinade ready to be baked or fried in a matching freshly made breadcrumb. Pre-prepared chunky chips ready for the oven and classic mushy peas as well as a SocialBox tartare chutney and People Bar fruity ketchup

Ques-Ce-Que or What in English!

Alfred likes a play on words but let us bring this back home for you. Sweet Onion Pulled Chicken prepared from the finest John Turners chicken breast & thigh create your very own Quesadilla; get the name now?

Turner Bros Ltd fresh fruit & veg and a host of spices from Spill The Beans. Served with Salt & Pepper Mixed Wedges and Beef Brisket BonBon & Cheese Stuffed Onion Ring!

It's like a takeaway to cook at home!

Satay Chicken Salad

We start off with the salad, Turner Bros Ltd provide Cucumber, Courgette, Carrots, Beansprouts, Chillies, Spring Onions, Peppers & Radishes. Using various techniques you create a multi-textured fresh ( extremely nutritious ) salad base before creating a simple zesty peanut butter Asian inspired drizzle/coating and Sweet Onion Pulled Chicken

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