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Alfred Box 3

Coming Soon

In your Alfred Box you will receive the following 4 meals:

Alfred Box 3 costs you £55; that is £6.87 per meal per person

Docker Tower Burger

Alfred has recreated the spicy burger with a hash brown on top. It starts with the finest chicken breast from John Turners marinated in The Beetroot Collective Chilli Jam (by us) before you get the choice of oven baking & bread crumbing in a spicy padron pepper crumb or frying in a Batemans Gold Beer Batter.

Served with a SocialBox created Zingy Sauce, Salt & Pepper Potato Wedges & BBQ Beans.

Prawn & Chorizo Carbonara

IshFish, a Grimsby born organisation live by the method statement: From Boat to Box. Alfred acts as an intermediate here and creates a meaty, cheesy, fishy version of the classic Spaghetti Carbonara using King Langoustine & Cadademont Chorizo and the finest Reggiano from Folk Wine Kitchen

Chicken Gyros

Who doesn't like a Gyros? Alfred does, so weve made our own for you to cook at home although weve added some twists and kept it as low calorie as possible. Sweet Onion Shredded Chicken, Sweet Potato Sweet Chilli Wedges and a Shredded Mixed Cabbage and Pickled Red Onion goes into a pre-prepared flatbread for you to enjoy.

If you want to indulge then add some Rainbow Coleslaw or even one of Alfred's Dips & Sauces

Brisket Lasagne

Our signature Lasagne is made up of John Turners Butchers beef brisket, Turner Bros Ltd fresh tomatoes as well as Folk Wine Kitchen's deli vegetables with a number of dried herbs and spices from Spill The Beans. Alfred takes all these fantastic raw ingredients and makes a Lasagne with a twist; Feta, Spinach, Smoked Streaky Bacon and 3 different deli cheeses add depth to this classic

Served with a Tear & Share bespoke Cob ready for the oven and for you to indulge in as well as Parmesan Wedges and Rainbow Coleslaw

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