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Alfred Box 4

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In your Alfred Box you will receive the following 4 meals:

Just add Alfred Box 3 to your basket and it will cost you £65; that is £8.13 per meal per person

Steak & Chips

John Turners Butchers in Cleethorpes deliver us the finest of 6oz Fillet Steaks. Alfred marinates the steak in our own Garlic, Mixed Herbs and Rainbow Peppercorn drizzle for 24hours before sealing and delivering to you. Served with thick cut Salt & Pepper Wedges, Rainbow Coleslaw and Vine Tomatoes as well as a simple 5 Minute Cheese Sauce.

Chicken Kiev

A classic taken to the next level. The Chicken Kiev sits within our Twisted Classic range but Alfred has taken this 70's family favourite and given it a modern twist.

A 300g John Turners Chicken Breast is stuffed with homemade garlic foam, 3 signature cheeses from Folk ( Caramelised Onion, Montagnolo & Buffalo Mozzarella ) Before being wrapped in a 36 month aged Prosciutto Crudo or Parma Ham to many ( also from Folk ). It is marinated in a garlic, lemon & parsley butter. The best thing about all this? We've done this for you. All you need to do is use the ready made flavoured breadcrumb to coat your kiev and bake it in the oven.

Accompanying this dish is a garlic, spring onion & parsley mash, sprouting broccoli & quick garlic cheese sauce if you see fit

Mariners Catch

An ISHFISH carefully selected Monkfish fillet marintaed in a lemon & parsley garlic butter before being breadcrumbed in a Lemon & Dill crust, baked or fried. Served with an Alfred TarTar Chutney, Fruity Ketchup and Rainbow Coleslaw. A John Turners bespoke bun and pre-marinated Salt & Pepper mixed wedges create Alfred's take on the fish burger.

Cod Cheek Taco's

IshFish Cod Cheeks marinated in a pesto drizzle ready to be baked or fried served with chunky tartar sauce, avocado & pea puree as well as a heritage tomato salsa.

Salt & Pepper Wedges & Rainbow Coleslaw finish this dish with a bang

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