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Copper Classics (12 Cocktails)

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Your very own Slipway At Home Copper Classics Pack 

Enough to make at least 12 Cocktails in the comfort of your own home

It comes with everything you need to have a little bit of fun at home with your friends & loved ones as well as a recipe card to help you recreate our most popular cocktails

What's In Your Box?

Vanilla Vodka (100ml)

Spiced Rum (200ml)

Slipway Liquor Co. Gin & Sloe Gin (100ml x 2)

Mango Glitter Liquor  (100ml)

Pineapple, Orange & Cranberry Juice

Our in-house syrups & liqueurs ( White Peach, Mango, Violet & Raspberry ) + Grenadine (50ml x 5)

Fresh & Dehydrated Garnishes

Straws, Napkins, Stirrers

Slipway Group Coaster & Recipe Card

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