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Alfred - Fixed Price Boxes


Alfred, at your service

Let Alfred take the stress out of shopping, sending you 4+ meal kits sourced from only local suppliers to you! 

Launching in the Grimsby & Cleethorpes postcodes we have chosen several local independent companies to supply us with their finest of ingredients which we have bagged up, part cooked, part prepped just for you.

Coupled with an Alfred recipe card, he puts the kit in kitchen!

Fixed Price Boxes

Alfred has put together 4 boxes to take the hassle out of choosing but not only that due to the ingredients we've used in each box we have given you a bonus meal to create using everything thats in the box.

Thats 5 meals for the price of 4!


Alfred Box 1 costs you £45; that is just £5.63 per meal per person

Stuffed Peppers

Spaghetti Bolognese

Fish Pie

Haddock Taco's

Alfred Box 2 costs you £50; that is just £6.25 per meal per person

Return Of The Mak

Fish Chips & Peas

Pulled Chicken Quesadilla

Satay Chicken Salad

Alfred Box 3 costs you £55; that is £6.87 per meal per person

Docker Tower Burger

Prawn & Chorizo Carbonara

Chicken Gyros

Brisket Lasagne

Alfred Box 4 costs you £65; that is £8.13 per meal per person

Fillet Steak

Cod Cheek Taco's

Mariners Catch

Chicken Kiev

Alfred - At Your Service

Alfred is your kitchen butler, he sources the local area for the best ingredients supplied by your favourite local independent businesses.

We are not a national brand, we don't have the buying power that they do and in fact we do not want to compete. We buy our products at a fair price meaning we are supporting many local businesses while you guys are supporting us & them in turn by buying from Alfred

Check out the fantastic independent businesses we're working with during our first round of recipes.




At Your Service:

If you have any questions or queries then feel free to drop us a message and Alfred will get back to you...

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