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The Solero

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Solero - Buy just the one, three or five

In Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic versions on our drop down menu below

Want your own mix? Have a look at The Team option on our shop to mix and match your own

The Solero

Yes, it is an ice lolly as a drink. The perfect summer drink with exotic fruits & our twist on the classic Pornstar Martini

Not bothered about the alcohol? Enjoy the classic flavours with a smooth vanilla finish

We've recreated some classic flavours into our new freshly made nostalgic drinks range.

Available in Cocktail or Mocktail versions these 500ml bottle capped drinks are perfect to pick up on your way past or to add to your food order as an extra special treat

Each 500ml bottle contains 2 cocktails worth of drinks and costs just £6.50 so just £3.75 a cocktail - Bargain!

Buying The Team?

You get one of each cocktail plus a Bloody Mary free, you know, for the morning after to help you on your way plus a little discount also


The Solero


Cherry Slush-Pup

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