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The Great Grimsby Fishy Eggs

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People Bar launched with Scotch Eggs on the menu in May 2015 and they are still hands down the most popular menu item we have ever done!

Using John Turner's sausage meat, infused with our own blend of flavours to create a totally bespoke flavour even before we add our signature tastes

However, in this brilliant collaboration we've hooked with Alfred Enderby & The Tall Fish Guy & Ish Fish to create some Great Grimsby Fishy Scotch Eggs

2 Scotch Eggs for £10

- The Alfred: Alfred Enderby smoked salmon mixed with dill, parsley, lemon juice & zest along with caper berries & served with a homemade chunky tartar chutney          ( @alfredenderby )

- The 6ft 6inch: Fish supplied by The Tall Fish Guy ( @thetallfishguy ) we've made a fish, chips & peas scotch egg and we serve it with a homemade tangy ketchup

- The Crease in the Bridge:  Supplied by Ish Fish ( @ishfishlocal ) we have used all the classic flavours from a prawn cocktail and created this beauty. Served with a homemade cocktail dip and using Macrobrachium Rosenbergii or Giant Freshwater Prawns to you & me

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