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Great Grimsby Fish Pie (Recipe No.9)

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  • Feeds 2 - 50 Minute Cook Time - Use-by 3days

All of Alfred's raw ingredients are sourced from your favourite local suppliers. We have chosen to launch using these great local independent businesses. Check out the links to there direct websites or social media to investigate more!

Straight Off The Docks

Great Grimsby Fish Pie

The Tall Fish Guy, a local Grimsby based Fish Merchant takes stock of some of the finest fish around. Alfred Enderby ( no relation ) a famous smoke house supplies him their finest smoked haddock and smoked salmon, this towering gent adds his touch and other great produce before Alfred teaches you to make the pie. 

A mix of Sweet & Red Potatoes from Turner Bros Ltd create the mashed topping while Folk's Signature Three Cheese Mix & Secret Salted Crumb add texture and depth. Served with Alfred's pre-roasted veg add on.


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