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Mariners Catch (Recipe No.11)

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  • Feeds 2 - 35 Minute Cook Time - Use-by 3days

All of Alfreds raw ingredients are sourced from your favourite local suppliers. We have chosen to launch using these great local independent businesses. Check out the links to there direct websites or social media to investigate more!

Turner Brothers - John Turners - IshFish - The Tall Fish Guy

Spill The Beans - Folk Wine Kitchen - The Beetroot Collective

Drive Thru Favourites / Straight Off The Docks

Mariners Catch

An ISHFISH carefully selected Monkfish fillet marintaed in a lemon & parsley garlic butter before being breadcrumbed in a Lemon & Dill crust, baked or fried. Served with an Alfred TarTar Chutney, Fruity Ketchup and Rainbow Coleslaw. A John Turners bespoke bun and pre-marinated Salt & Pepper mixed wedges create Alfred's take on the fish burger.


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