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Mixed Antipasti Boxes

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Here at Folk Wine Kitchen we have a vast range of World Cheeses, Cured Meats and a wealth of in-house & homemade accompaniments to make up the perfect Antipasti feasts.

Slipway Food Co. make a number of different jams, chutney's, oils and dips to compliment our range and together within each of our boxes we've given you a little bit of everything to create your perfect, Slipway At Home deli board

What's In Your Box?

Box 1:

Cheese:  Mustard & Ale, Ploughman's & Sticky Toffee

Meats: Salame Milano, Parmesan Coated German Salame & Chorizo

Box 2:

Cheese:  Black Peppercorn, Bleu D Auvergne & Smoked Applewood

Meats: Salame Napoli, Casademont Chorizo & Danish Salami

Box 3:

Cheese:  Walnut Whip, Gorgonzola & Charcoal

Meats: Bresola, Parmesan Coated German Salame & Danish Salame

Family Box:

6 different meats & 6 different cheeses from our wide selection

Just Cheese:

Exactly what is says, 4 portions of just cheese or 8 portions

As well as your meat & cheese selection we will add some final little touches some as, fresh & dried fruits, nuts & seeds and some little chocolate treats

All our boxes come with a little tub of marinated vegetables & olives to help build the perfect grazing board

We will add a jar of our very own infused oils & balsamic vinegar for you to create a dipping pot

Plus 3 different homemade dips made by us or our friends

As a new addition to all our boxes we have made our very own dehydrated tomatoes & meat jerky which we will sprinkle as a final touch

Enjoy x

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