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People Bar 21.05.15

People Bar namely so for its all inclusive attitude towards who is welcome, opened its doors officially on the 28th of May 2015, after a week earlier it held a soft launch so the lads could test their trade. Having never worked in the industry before, but determined to bring a little bit of the city back to Cleethorpes, three friends embarked on their first steps into hospitality.

Small plates of food, craft beer and great music, all delivered in a space smaller than most front rooms, with a kitchen an arms length away from the furthest table and a carefully selected playlist to bring it all together.

People Bar has developed over the years but still holds the same principles, come in, enjoy and walk away having felt welcome & having made new friends.

Prosecco Pack £65

3 Bottles of Fizz w/ selected accompaniments  to create the perfect  Prosecco Cocktails

Fruits, Herbs, Spices to suit and not forgetting our step by step recipe card to help you on your way

Fancy one at home? Visit our liquor shop below

The Vineyard & Distiller

Spirit Pack £75+

A full bottle of your chosen tipple with unlimited mixers & garnishes to create your perfect drink.

No need to wait for us to serve you! To pre-book yours just drop us an email below

The Vineyard & Distiller

Cocktail Pack £80+

Your very own cocktail station with all the equipment!                                   With a mixture of spirits, juices & garnishes to have a little shake, stir & mix.

                                                            The Vineyard & Distiller

Cocktail Masterclass £25pp

Not confident to go rogue, get us to sit with you for an hour while you make 3 signature cocktails

We will even feed you...Ready to book? Send us an email below

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Something important to us across all our brands is the local economy and supporting other local business in their journey.

We all have a common goal, to make Cleethorpes great and for that reason we support each other

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