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Satay Salad (Recipe No.20)

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  • Feeds 2 - 10 Minute Cook Time - Various Options Available - Use by 3days

All of Alfred's raw ingredients are sourced from your favourite local suppliers. Alfred has chosen to launch using these great local independent businesses. Check out the links to there direct websites or social media to investigate more!

Turner Brothers - John Turners - IshFish - The Tall Fish Guy

Spill The Beans - Folk Wine Kitchen - The Beetroot Collective

500Kcal & Under / Ready To Go

Satay Salad

We start off with the salad, Turner Bros Ltd provide Cucumber, Courgette, Carrots, Beansprouts, Chillies, Spring Onions, Peppers & Radishes. Using various techniques you create a multi-textured fresh ( extremely nutritious ) salad base before creating a simple zesty peanut butter Asian inspired drizzle/coating.

If you wanted to bulk this meal out with protein then why not add our Sweet Onion Chicken or Maple Honey Beef Brisket or our award winning Pesto Coated Feta


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