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We did dirty burgers and filthy foot-long dogs, we started dirty fries and we've nailed cheese sauce...

#Socialbox, it's a meal in a box. A bit of everything, a bite of yummy-ness and of course our signature cheese sauce!

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What We Do

We open Thursday - Sunday, 12pm-10pm and deliver all throughout these times.

You can pre-book your slot with us first if you wish, or order via the GY&Clee Eats App for a delivery today. 

( it's just eat but for local people )

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Meet The Team

Beef Brisket Quesadilla

Brisket BonBon, CSOR & Guac

Salt & Pepper Fries & Thai Slaw

Shredded Chicken Flatbread

Crispy Pancake, CSOR & Lime & Chilli Jam

Hoisin & Chilli Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Rainbow Peppercorn Pastrami

Jalapeños Popper, CSOR & Chilli Jam

Chimichurri Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Beer Battered Cod Cheeks Taco

Haddock & Spring Onion Bites, CSOR & Trio Of Dips

Salt & Pepper Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Fish Finger Wrap

Seafood Bites, CSOR & Trio Of Dips

Salt & Pepper Fries & Lemon Mayo Slaw

Herb Crusted Brie Bite Flatbread

Three Cheese Croquette, CSOR & Chilli Jam

Salt & Pepper Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Grilled Halloumi Wrap

Brie Bites, CSOR &  Sweet Onion Chutney

Salt & Pepper Fries & Rainbow Slaw

Dirty Fries - Cheese Stuffed Onion Rings - Crispy Pancakes - Fish Bites Etc Etc Etc 

The Beatroot Collective, heard of them? A local guy doing local things and it's great!

These guys create the most mouthwatering (literally) of jams, sauce, dips & chutneys and we use all of these in all of of products across the brands ( click their name to see their social media )

We create our own dips as well though; Tartar Chutney, Guacamole, Pea Puree & Signature Cheese Sauce

Three Cheese Sauce

We don't do things in halves, in fact we don't do things in fulls either.

Three cheeses go into our thick, gooey & delicious cheese sauce and it is lathered over every burger. Sometimes we even throw in a dipping pot if you ask nicely

TarTar Chutney

Being from Grimsby we know our fish

We also know what to & not to put with our fish and our chunky version of this classic sauce is a perfect partner for our local collaborative fish dishes

Cheers to Ish-Fish for their products that elevate these burgers even further


There is nothing worse than crap chips with a meal, ruins the meal doesn't it, that and crap sauce

You know what else ruins ya food? Cheap toppings, he same can be said for pizza but we don't do pizza ( yet )

Every topping on our food is freshly made by us or one of our local partners

Top That

Take a cheeky gander at our suppliers...

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