The Butcher
The Butcher
The Butcher
The Butcher


Beef - Punta d' Anca - Thigh - Italian



Pork - Salami - Spicyness - Italian


Prosciutto di Crudo

Pork - 16m aged - Air-dried -  Italian


Salame Napoli

Pork - Salami - Spiced - Italian


Salame Milano

Pork - Salami - Salty - Italian


Rainbow Peppered

Pastrami - Silverside - Cured Beef - Spicy


Cured Ham

Pork - Honey Glazed - English



Pork - Spicy - Smoky - Spanish


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We deliver our ready-to-eat boxes covered in Folk greaseproof paper however, if this isn't for you or you'd like a little extra life span they we would be happy to vacuum pack the cuts of cheese and portions of meat.

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